You can fight at stage 2 as Wraith


Stop decoy spamming. Decoying into a Supernova on their medic/support is enough to win you the fight. Stop stalling till stage 3. No one wants to fight you, and no one will ever want to play with you.


actually, thats my strategy. try to win stage 2, because on stage 3 the hunters just turtle and its nearly impossible to break a good team.


I always win stage 2 as wraith… Don’t even go for kills. Just keep downing for strikes over and over, until everyone has 2 strikes or they gave up.


lol! #Laz.

PS Kraken all the way.


…or you could fight at stage 3 as Wraith and have an even higher chance of winning.


It’s only a difference if you weren’t going to win anyways.

@Keatz, in this case you obviously just kill the Laz. Cloak isn’t very good against Wraith.


And how do you know you were going to win anyway?


Because as soon as I hit stage 2 I hunt the hunters and get several strikes. Most matches I don’t lose more than a bar of health. If you want I’m trying to come up with tactics to beat the wraith.

If you have a team add me on steam as Evcastello and I’ll play wraith a couple times against your team. I’d love to lose so I can find some ways to beat wraiths.


i usually fight it out as soon as i get max armor at stage 2. if i’m losing, bail and armor up, and if i keep losing (somehow) get to stage 3 and pick them off before they get to the relay. if im winning, well, then win. Pretty simple stuff.


I think Wraith’s damage is solid. Its high, but not unreasonable.

The real issue comes with how tanky it actually is. For a “glass cannon”… lets just say that’s some damn thick glass.

I’d like to see more risk/reward gameplay. Make Wraith squishier, keep the damage where its at.



How…how much squishier can it get? It already has no armor.


The thing is, at stage 2/3, you don’t really rely on your armor much. A quick snack between battles tops it off, but it breaks within the first few moments, as it should.

Then you have the health bar that never ends. I’ve played my fair share of Wraith, and honestly, I find myself backing out because I FEEL as though I’m taking tonnes of damage with my armor down, only to realize that I’m still pretty healthy. Then its another quick snack, and I’m good to go again.

Wraith is NOT squishy. Its squishier than the other monsters, yes, but it is by no means squishy. It should be fair squishier for the amount of damage it deals, and just how easy it is for the damage to actually connect. Kraken has counterable damage - you can miss/dodge most skills, including ranged auto attacks and banshee mines can be shot away. Goliath is beefy, but his damage is slow paced, thus more easily managed by the hunters. Wraith has 1 skill you could potentially miss (warp blast is difficult to miss, and even so, its a utility skill that deals mass damage), and lets face it, a missed abduction is not the end of the world. Wraith is an auto attack spammer. Right click to get his damage off after supernova. The arch is huge, and its range is way higher than Goliath’s. You can blindly hit cloaked targets by facing their general direction. Say what you will, Wraith is an easy monster to play.

The combination of unreasonable tankiness, high damage and ease of play is what makes him so overwhelming right now. You can’t make him more difficult to play without vastly changing his kit, which is a no-no, his damage defines him, so reducing it too much is another no-no… So that leaves his tankiness… Know what else defines Wraith? The idea that he’s squishy. Its a pity he’s not squishy at all.

Reducing his HP pool not only solves problems, it stands true to the monster thematically. This would also reduce his easy of play as, even though his combat mechanics are still dirt simple, the difficulty comes from choosing the right engagements and deciding whether trades are worth the downed strikes on hunters vs the health damage you SHOULD be taking, considering the reduced HP pool. You know? The way Wraith is SUPPOSED to play?

Again, this isn’t a “OMG nerf that OP monstarrrr” post, I enjoy playing the wraith, but I admittedly feel its too tanky for its own good.


if you reduced his HP pool that would cause a lot of problems. Right now the whole point is that she has so little armor that health damage should be unavoidable, and certain comps can melt her entire HP pool in a minute or less.


If what you say is true… Why is it so overwhelming at the moment?

Is the title of this thread not “You can fight at stage 2 as Wraith”[sic]?

You shouldn’t ‘fight it out’ as Wraith. It should be a hit and run monster. The fact of the matter is, even though you do take health damage, it matters little because the HP pool is too large regardless.


To me the issue is the wraith is never in danger. Sure, you can melt my armor. But Wraith is incredibly evasive, even in a dome. So just getting through armor can be an accomplishment.


The thing is, that’s the way the Wraith is SUPPOSED to be. That’s how it was designed.

Was it designed to be a front line fighter that takes on all 4 hunters head on and slaughters them all? No. But that’s how most people play it out, and you know what? It works. Why? Because when you do get past how slippery and evasive it is, there’s that huge HP pool to get through.

What you’re suggesting is they reduce how evasive it is, but leave the huge HP pool intact? So basically, forget the theme of the Wraith as a stealthy, evasive ghost, reduce the evasive properties, and keep the HP pool as is… So basically, Goliath 2.0 with way more damage?


What I mean to say is, Wraith gets survivability through being evasive. So, why then does it need such a large health pool?

You’re contradicting yourself. You say reducing its HP is a problem, because its already squishy… But then you say “So just getting through armor can be an accomplishment.”.

So which is it? Is it too squishy? Or is it too survivable?

If its as evasive as you say (it is), why does it need such a large HP pool? Quick answer: It doesn’t.


No, the health pool is small. When the Wraith DOES fight a good team should easily take out half of it’s health. The problem is you literally cannot force it to fight.


Then protect the relay, and win in 5 minutes after it sages 3. GG, you win 100% of matches against a Wraith.


Would have been another way to put it. If you lower the health much more then wraith will do nothing but run till stage three, turning this into Follow the Leader Simulator 2015. Because fights would never be worth it. Now, fights at stage 2 there’s a 50% chance minimum that Wraith can win. At the least it will get strikes. If it messes up then it can evades you for the entire dome duration. It just can’t be punished. Decoy needs a longer CD still IMO.