You broke the game!


After playing a few hours with the new patch I can only say you BROKE IT😡
I’m falling through the maps, the sound is bugged on Torvalds shotgun, I’m experiencing problems connecting to the multiplayer.
I’m surprised how many errors are in a patch that was supposed to fix tthings… I rarely encountered any problems on my ps4 but now almost everything is broken! Pull back this patch or something quick plz course this is just unbearable


seems like its more of an isolated incident on ur end


The only thing broken for me is the dropship.

Everything is black, or i am outside the map and i can use my weapons.


It’s not isolated. Crap ton of things have been happening all over for others, on Xbox one at least.


Actually, the chief purpose of patch 2.0 was to introduce the Tier 4 characters.


I have the same sound problem with Torvalds shotgun


I’ve seen it and that is…not a nice sound


Exactly, I have to switch weapons before the shooting sound stops


ive experienced only a small amount of these a few times


i have the same glitch on my xbox 1 it is so bad and annoying. for example i want to be slim next thing ya know im in hell always falling to my doom