You and three hunters are sitting at a bar


Which three are sitting with you (like, who would you choose?), and what the heck is going on?
I figured this could be a fun thread, and I didn’t see any similar so I’m just winging it.

Abe, Hyde and Slim. Abe and Hyde are drunkenly pestering Slim, at the same time the two are arguing with eachother. Slim’s just kinda… Really nervous.


Griffin, Hank, and Markov. i can just see us all sitting together and having Griffin tell us tales of his adventures :smile:


Hank, Torvald, and Griffin arguing over who has the better beard.


Slim, Caira, and Sunny.

Caira would have all kinds of questions for Slim, and there’s nothing better than positive people while drinking. :beers:


I’d have to go with Hyde, Caira and Bucket :smile:


This post is ToiletWraith approved ;W;
But why would you pick those three :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now if it were Monsters instead of Hunters I could see Goliath, Kraken, and Behemoth arguing over who gets to hit on Wraith, lol


Oh lordy. ;W;


Caira, Val, and Sunny. I’d wanna hear what the badass women have to say.


Markov Hyde and Parnell appletinis for everyone MAN DRINK >:)


i would shave torvald, hank, and griffin soo they could look like decent characters


You’d need a pretty big bar for that…


Caira, Sunny, Maggie :wink:


I wouldn’t know, because they’d be dead



Oh, snap! :water_buffalo:


Caira - I like her nerdiness

Abe - everyone loves a good drunken pervert

Sunny - wouldn’t let the conversation get slow.


Hank - Easy going Southerner that likes good ol’ fashion cookouts.

Laz - His philosophies on life and death.

Griffin - Story time of huntin’ various monsters, and some stories without jetpacks!

( Sorry Markov; your awesome ego and postive battle energy didn’t make the cut, but it was a close one! )


Bucket’s voice in his body, Bucket’s voice coming from the ship, and the Bucket voice in my head.


Lazarus, Hyde and Slim. And alcohol.


Hell to the YES!