Yoga Pants. What's your opinion?


I’m talking about the really tight, supposedly comfortable stretchy pants. Some call them leggings.
I want to know what you think of them, and if you think they are necessary. Some call them inappropriate, so I would like to get to the bottom of this in a civil conversation.

Why do you like Leggings/Yoga Pants?

If you are a woman, please participate in this Poll.
What do you prefer?

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  • Leggings/Yoga Pants
  • Jeans
  • Sweatpants
  • Other

If you are a Male or Female, answer this poll.
Why do you like Leggings/Yoga Pants?

  • Shows my/her body off
  • Great for exercise
  • Straight up comfy to wear

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No his option huh?


Also, flip the positioning of the /. It should go first.


What’s the command for multiple polls >.<


There is none.


I did it. Idk what this is about but I’ll be back ._…


Thanks @ToiletWraith


I believe they are appropriate in certain situations.


Can you add a male option?


All jokes asides, I don’t really mind. As with all tight clothing though, you need the body for it. So if you are a bit larger than average, don’t wear yoga pants/leggings/tight jeans.

Bottom (teehee) line is, if the body is up to it, it can look amazing. But it can look absolutely horrifying at the same time, when the body is NOT made for tight clothing.

Note: Not trying to fat shame or anything, in case you might think that. Just stating me opinion


I love leggings. For women they’re basically like wearing sweatpants is to a guy, but we have the option to dress them up with a fancy shirt/dress whereas guys can’t wear a button down shirt and sweatpants because it’s not “appropriate attire” for certain places.

Unless you’re exercising, you should generally wear something that at least covers your butt in the leggings when in public. Those are my standards at least.


I’m not really sure what the question is. What do I like on other people? What do I like on me? What situation do I think leggings are appropriate? Can’t answer until the OP is clarified.


I’ve noticed you can only choose one for why you like them. Why not have them all?


All of the above


I refuse to wear anything close to my skin. Comfort FTW. I normally wear male clothing in a size too large for me.


Hey same.
#Tall guy probs ;-;


Not a fan personally.


I like leggings, but not on my gf, because then everybody stares on her ass .-.


Yoga pants are great. Gotta love it when a girl shows off her “assets” :smirk:


Just don’t wear tan coloured leggings and it’s all good