Yo Turtle Rock I think you guys might have screwed up


Just think of this. Tier four got released (yay). But one of the hunters kinda pulls my eye. Sunny. We all ready now that a trapper can and infact leave an active dome when at height and full jet pack. But with Sunny you can practically troll literately every single monster on level ground. I’m not asking for a nerf like other threads. But I’m openly asking everyone to try this out and have fun while you can. (don’t know if this will work because I don’t have Sunny yet) As well pass the word to the Devs.

Please let me have some credit for having this trolly idea please.


in a future update i think they mentioned the dome going down in 10 secs if the trapper is not in there. i think cant remember the thread i think i saw it in


Yes, I know that TRS wants to fix this so I think they’re doing something along those lines.


It works, and it’s very easy. Her range is long enough that she can sit right outside the dome radius as well.


I call it the Valkyrie dome!

First step, when approaching monster, use 3/4 of her boost doing straight boosts up. Then use the rest of her boost plus your pack to get over the unaware monster.

And then bring down Valhalla!


Valkyries are warriors
Your running
The gods are not pleased


…the gods I worship are very pleased…



So any chance of the Troll dome existing?


sunny is a support crow is the trapper slim is the medic torvald is the assalt


I hope they fix it. Maybe cause the dome to not allow hunters to pass through the sides while it’s falling, and act like a dome is already out for the trapper, but not the monster?


I like that idea.


When we first activate the dome, we see a shimmer at the bottom, where the dome is about to be. Perhaps cause that to be solid for the trapper, as soon as they toss it. I believe that would stop all the problems.


mrs. rose, what skin would u like to see for the behemoth


“Mrs” denotes marriage. ^.-

And Onyx, Opal, Sapphire, etc. just any nice stone. :slight_smile:


That’s right, mrs does denote marriage. Also would love to see onyx and sapphire. I don’t remember what opal looks like but I’m sure I will be fine with that too. Also, I would love to see ruby and emerald and amethyst. Also, obsidian and diamond


Trapper is usefull in a fight. If you guys are 3 hunters versus me (as goliath), fight will be short for you :smile: