Yo, TRS! I am pissed and you gotta read this!


So a shit ton of quitters are literally flying everywhere when I play Evolve Stage 2. Just when I have entered a complete player queue after waiting for a lengthy period of time, a fucking asshole quits when he presumably does not get the class he fancies, and we ALL have to wait all over again multiple times at multiple instances!

I strongly suggest that you implement a banning system for these dipshit dumbfucks, wherein if you quit/leave/disconnect/fail to choose a Hunter Class in time after the countdown timer has already elapsed, you will be prevented from playing for a period of time. Do that consecutively and you will be banned for a far longer duration.

That’s how DotA 2 and Heroes Of Newerth handle these scumbag low lifes. This makes sure that the game will not be abused at the expense and convenience of other players. I do not want these cockroaches to get away with it so passively and casually.

Do something about this, Turtle Rock Studios. Thank you for addressing my grave concern.


Oooh someone missed the news…

Should I tell him, or does someone else want to?


TRS are not going to work on evolve anymore sadly


I thought you were going to talk about how 2K fucked up. But at this rate something like this shouldn’t even matter, if the game doesn’t die you should be lucky of even getting to play at all, regardless of what role we play.


You should take this to the 2K forums. It’s all in their hands now.


Damn it! Just when I was starting to get the hang of things!


Servers are staying up tho


For now. That will not last.


Game is alive for now, 2K claim to want to support and grow the playerbase. Have to take them at their word for now. :slight_smile:


Yup, thanks for the tip. I’ll do that. :slight_smile:


Talk to 2K about it my friend, TRS can’t do anything


Suggestions/Bugs/Cheat & Hacker Reports should now be sent to 2K :slight_smile:

2K http://support.2k.com/


Thanks for the help guys! I appreciate it very much!


Please don’t assume this. Unless you have a statement from 2K proving this you cannot say servers are shutting down.


I assume this can be closed now. @ToiletWraith @Buckets_Sentry_Gun @TheMountainThatRoars



As Mountain said, suggestions, bug and cheat/hacker reports should be sent to 2K now as there’s nothing TRS can do with Evolve now. As long as we’re still able to play Evolve though, I’ll be happy. :slight_smile: