Yikes this box is an eye sore


Something about multiple replies ???


Not sure, it could be a browser issue


I dont get it with multiple replies


occurred trying multiple posts in a row.


Yeah I can’t duplicate it in Chrome. Clicking Reply with my reply box open etc


reply number 1


reply number 2


reply #3

Consider replying to several posts at once

Rather than many sequential replies to a topic, please consider a single reply that includes quotes or @name references to previous posts.

You can edit your previous reply to add a quote by highlighting text and selecting the quote reply button that appears.

It’s easier for everyone to read topics that have fewer in-depth replies versus lots of small, individual replies.


No clue, my box adjusts to the proper post # I am replying to, when clicking reply to any of your replies…What browser are you using?


do 3 replies in a row.


Test Number 1


Test Number 2


And test number 3


Still nothing. What browser are you using?


Yeah, that doesn’t look good…


yeah, I use chrome and I had it yesterday. Pretty nasty style combo :wink:


Testing to see if it happens again…


Yeah, got it again with Chrome.

.composer-popup.urgent {
   //needs some 'color'
.composer-popup.urgent a.close {
   //This doesn't exist, but would be good to make the close button more accessible too, FEX:  color: #222 



‘Sucking eggs lesson’
Love it


Did we fix the reminder box styles @awesomerobot?