Yetimoth (Behemoth variant (Clickbait af(but badass)))

While the picture comes across comical, i feel it best represents the idea because of the big mouth. Anyways, assuming it’s some sort of frost variant I present you with Yetimoth


What exactly is that .-.

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That’s the abominable snowman from Rudolph. image

Can no one else picture how badass of a behemoth variant it would be? I’m not saying to look just like this, he just helps flesh it out.

Did you mean what is Fizzgig? He’s actually a totally adorable “pet” for a main character in the awesome movie “The Dark Crystal” a classic Jim Henson production and MUST SEE.


You called the dark crystal and awesome movie.

You are now a friend for life.


Bumping this shit! Yetimoth!!!

I feel like this is being taken as a joke thread and it wasn’t intended to be a joke.

I don’t see it as a joke…I think it can actually work, but with a name like Galcier behemoth of something. And as for a look change…hang icicles off him and maybe two huge horns coming off the sides of his head…and a beard, oh yeah, a beard.

Meteor goliath would look great with a breaded beard

Oh so I’m not the only person in existence to see this movie outside of my family?

This isn’t real…

Wake up.

Wake up!



Oh I’m awake now.

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