Yet to find anything "OP" at all


At the risk of being flamed hard I’m yet to find any aspect of the game, hunter or monster to be “OP”.

An organised, balanced team of like minded individuals stratagizing to a common goal is a formidable weapon.

An able, thinking well versed/experienced monster is a formidable weapon.

A match between the two is a joy to behold and I hope the monster often says “fair play, good game” as often as my small team does when we come up against somebody who utilises their monster well and beats us.

Every strategy has a counter. For example, My Teams’ Griff/Bucket tactic pressures Kiting wraith/kraken to an extreme that we can get a kill within 7 minutes.

this game’s high end is all about punishing tactical mistakes.

What is varying massively across the player base is skill. Some people are better than others. some people have played more than others. some people know the maps or the hunters or the monsters better than others. The only barrier to learning is the palyers available time to play and sadly there is nothing TRS or 2K can do about that.

oh as a final note… Tier 3 doesn’t mean better than Tier 1. Pick a Team that compliments each other and the preferences of the players themselves.


Nicely stated. I definitely agree with you, especially since I love being a wraith and so many people say it is OP. I have killed many monsters, wraith included as a hunter. Just need a good team who know what to do an play their part successfully. If you happen to be on ps4, I would love to have a game against you and your hunter team.


I’m Glad. Far too much “cry havoc” going on and not enough reasoned thought and debate. People hate to admit they lost because they did’t play well or made a mistake. Always easier to blame the game.

I however analyse every post-game replay and have created several strategies monster and map dependant. Once you see enough of them you can extrapolate monster movement behaviour with surprising ease as you begin to recognise monster types move in particular ways around the map.

Alas my friend we reside upon XB1.


I’m in agreement. People just like to cry OP at anything and everything. There are some things that I think might need tweaking but a week hasn’t even passed. Practice and get good at the various roles before stating something is OP. There’s a lot to learn about this game and you have to put the time in figure it out. I’ve been repeatedly surprised my different factors. Before having played wit him I’d heard Parnell was terrible. I’ve been playing the last few nights with my friend only playing parnell with me healing him and had absolutely cracking games, even against the “stupidly OP” wraith.


Parnel/Cabot combo is savage. Another one of our anti-Wraith tactics.

personal shield/supersoldier/damage enhancer on a supernova-ing Wraith and blat to high-heaven with shotgun with increased magazine/or reload speed perk.

Smart wraith disengages and actually runs from parnel/focuses Cabot. Not so smart wraith gets munched.


Some of the best games I’ve had of late have been ones we’ve lost vs a wraith when it’s come down to a sliver of health. The wraith on a tiny fraction just downing our last member. Been absolutely great stuff.


Totally! I had one where i was last man standing as cabot and did a runner, goliath chased for a bit but then ignored me and went for the reactor. He had hardly any life left and i was able to kill him from a 3rd of the map away and steal the win.

It’s those close/tight games which are the best, even if you lose it’s a “whoa, unlucky boys good effort”


So true. Too bad we all do not think like this, instead a lot of players Just wine about things they can not do or enemies they can Not beat. All you need is practice & a good team. Also good analytical skill to ascertain how A specific players uses their class monster or hunter. Me personally i changed up my tatics varying each team i play against As a monster, good Or Bad. The game is good on both sides. I just feel bad for the players who have nothing to do, but complain when they do not get a win. Patience and timing are key factors for any scenario. Do rush to death, but don’t wait to lose. Tactics, teamwork and experience Is all you need.


Thread stating game mechanics aren’t OP: 40 odd views, 10 odd replies
Thread stating game mechanics are OP: 1k views, 500 replies

What we learn from this? people like to moan lol.


So far I feel the only issue with the game balance is Wraith vs PUGs. But I don’t see how to fix that without nerfing SuperNova enough such that Wraith then becomes UP against good coordinated teams.

I think she’s going to be a bit tough to balance. Having said that, it’s not even week 1 yet. So I’m certainly not calling for hasty actions (unless the Telemetry Data shows like a 70/75%+ win rate, then a tweak may be needed).

I don’t feel anyone else should be touched for a while. Really want to see where it settles after a couple of weeks.


this thread matches the experience of my team exactly
There is nothing op in this game only non cooperative hunter :slight_smile:


Exactly! In all honesty if players really wanted to they could complain that the goliath has to much health and armor, thus stating how he is impossible to kill blah blah blah. Same with the kraken, being able to literally fly/hover in the air. Like it’s not hard to aim upwards and shoot. I mean unless they just suck at FPS, but are there post on that, BARELY if any. Man oh man I just dislike how many sucky players get together, complain & moan then end up getting their way. In all honesty even if the devs do throttle the wraith I know without a doubt many players will still gripe when they lose to her just because there are just others who know how to use here and win. By the way my earlier statements in this post were NOT by any means complaining about the other monsters, just examples of what people could possibly say about them.


Do you know what a fair point of view would be? In an organized group of friends, of which I am now a part, games feel intense and pretty well balanced. Not perfectly balanced, obviously, but pretty good. Having said that, you try and play with PUGs, and oh god will you have a bad time, and that is a fair complaint.


The imbalance I see is in the hunting portion of the game, not combat.

Though to be fair, I’d remove Carrion Birds as they exist as part of a rebalance.

I don’t know your experiences, but I’d happily discuss our views on the game and reasons behind them.

But forgive me if the generic line of “everything is balanced with teamwork and skill” has gotten old from hearing it so often.

It’s an assertion, not a proper argument.

We at least agree that there isn’t a general correlation between problematically named character tiers and balance.


So, I get what you’re saying, but don’t you see how what you’re saying is inherently biased? You’re essentially saying that hunters need to communicate more and have more skill if they want to take down a Wraith. Okay, I get it, I don’t refute that.

But, the way it is now, the Wraith can be baaaaaaaad as a player, and I mean just bad. Horrible. You could have a bad Wraith against 4 competent hunters (not great) but the Wraith can and wills till win 70% of the time. That’s not balanced.

Her kit is just too good. Too much escape, too much survivability. Don’t even get me started on decoy…

The hunters already have the favors stacked against them. They are slower than all monsters, the wildlife can trap unweary hunters instantly, all wildlife can damage hunters, etc.

Basically, what I’m saying is, you’re telling hunters to be better when the favors are already against them. The Wraith needs a nerf, and it’s obvious. Hell, even the Kraken probably does. My first time ever playing Kraken I 1v4’d the entire hunter team level 2. They never even got my health down past half, and I fought them without a shield. They couldn’t do any damage because I could just sit in the sky and pelt them with shit.