Yet another pack of suggestions


@MacMan pls look into this, if you will bother to answer I would be very grateful.

This one I’ve posted already, but whatever.
Please, PLEASE add a VO which says that Val’s medgun is nearly depleted or fully depleted. Your idea was to limit a need in a mic as much as possible so I don’t see how you guys missed that one. Also, since Val’s strong side is her utility, unlike Caira’s pure healing, can you please consider changing mastery bonus on medgun from capacity to healing rate to give her ability to heal without a Hank\Sunny on a team, because now medgun’s heal is only viable against stage one monster - after that Val is no Match for Caira even in healing single target, where Caira can heal many and even herself, and after stage two Val is desperately in need of Hank\Sunny or at least teammates who are capable of dodging damage and not just soaking it. At least with this 10% mastery bonus Val will be able to keep a teammate alive as long as Caira, given that Caira can even sometimes heal focused teammate and keep him alive against a stage two monster for full dome time.

Add a reload VO. Would be very helpful, same as VO to Val.

Now then I’ve played against and with Sunny for decent amount of time I can state that Jetpak Booster is way too OP. I had games there we, as hunters, played against very good sneaky monster and had no idea where he went after the drop, then he triggered carrion birds at some 150-200 meters, Sunny boosted trapper for 3 doubletap boosts and stage one was domed and killed in 3 minutes. Same at monster side - sneaked, ran, confused whole pack - triggered carrion birds - got domed - died. Not by any chance EVERY game went like that but many did, and there is nothing competitive or fun in that - just winning\losing because of one OP ability and stupid random birdsign.
So my proposal is - add some kind of cooldown to doubltapping while boosted, so you can doubletap, wait for 4-5 seconds, and then doubletap again. That would not break boosting because boosted doubletap has more speed and distance, that would not break combat boosting because one boost is enough to get yourself out of trouble most of the times and u can hover after one doubletap anyway, and that would give the monster at least SOME chance to escape after being domed or avoid getting domed in general. Now it is nearly impossible because boosted trapper throws the dome right on the top of monsters head.
Also, it would be great to actually hear something like “You are boosted trapper, go get that thing!” from Sunny, not just SFX.

Make Gobi actually fly back to Crow and land on his hand. Now Gobi appearing on Crow’s hand even then he’s still on the map, which is kinda stupid. So make it as Gobi flies forward and then back to Crow, add an option to call him back prematurely. That will cancel all the whining on Gobi spam. Yes, I’ve looked into Crow and found him pretty alright and changed my mind from OP OP NERF to OK, I confess.


Kill the trapper if the idiot Sunny just boosted a hunter 150-200 meters away, to be alone with the monster…


That works until you come against a Sunny with capacity increase…7 boosted jetpacks, 3 for trapper, 2 for everyone else, you dont get a moment alone with trapper


150-200 meters away from the group? Kill them. :stuck_out_tongue:


I do, but itd be easier if 5 seconds later Thor didnt show up to mortar me while Caira heals him back up in a few seconds >~>
Stage 1 domes are no fun :angry:


It’s okay. They can’t beat you down forever. You will mind control another monster, and come back to kill them.


Yaaay mind controlll


Thing is - trapper have his own jetpack full and will dodge you pretty much, given that ponce attack is easily dodged and at stage 1 you cant kill full hp hunter with one or two skills. Unless you are a Kraken with 2 points on mines and all 3 mines will hit him.