Yet another not signing in


Im on XB1 can you guys help just also none of my xbox games are working


Microsoft problem. wrong website bud if it’s all of your games.


xbox not pc


You can’t sign in on the intro of Evolve or just your account?


im on the intro and it just doesnt sign in


Try redownloading your profile.

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And that only happens with Evolve or does it happen with your other games?


that and my other online games such as Titanfall


Well, you should try what @mikeylikesit said, but it seems like this isn’t an issue with Evolve.

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do you mean redowload my entire evolve or


Im an noob with this stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hope this helps


Try a hard reset first (hold down the power button until the xbox turns off). Let me know how it goes. :smile:

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Your Xbox profile, not Evolve.


Have you found a solution yet?


sorry guys parents wont let me :disappointed_relieved:


No worries dude, take your time. :smile:

Hope either solution works.

  1. Microsoft is also Xbox, not just PC lol

  2. I had this problem and it was fixed by me deleting the Evolve game off my XB, restarting the XB, re-downloading the game, restarting the XB, signing out of my XB Live account, starting Evolve, and then signing into XB Live from inside Evolve when it prompts you to choose who you are.

I sent in a support ticket with Microsoft but they weren’t any help. They told me to do what I had already told them I tried in the ticket message.


Thanks guys for the advice i can now play :smile:


Great to hear. :smile:
What fixed it in the end?

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