Yet another new skin idea


So some people don’t like hiding and would rather stick out.
The gold skins help players with that.
Then I thought what would be better.
And no I’m not talking Platinum skins though that would be amazing as well.

Glowing Skins :smiley: The glow matches the glow of the monster using it, except the whole skin glows :smile:


But goliath and behemoth are kind of doing this already.


They glow alot But I want a pure glowing skin:)


something like this


More of a solid neon light :smiley:


Yeah, I can work with it but what if the lights changed color not just a single color but a rainbow of changing colors.


I want to see this but I feel there may be complications.
Would it be easy to program a neon light skin that changes color?


Honestly I can’t tell you the truth but I imagine it could be some what difficult.


Yeah :frowning:
But I want it so bad


Same but I also wouldn’t mind more behemoth skins


The gem collection :wink:


I want a amethyst behemoth skin that would be cool.


I love the idea but sadly glow is a gameplay mechanic, the more armor the more glow. I don’t think they would do it. >__<


Yeah I was thinking about that. I guess we can just dream about a blue neon goliath skipping through the dead hunters.


A monster that has disco ball reflective skin! ^.^


Super reflective mirrored skin would be awesome. XD


Would be funny. ^.^
Hide in a bush, they see plants/light reflected around.


Just what i was thinking just smooth reflective skin


I…i will be unstoppable!!! Until the timer runs out.


You would be easy to spot though.