(Yet) Another matchmaking feedback thread


Hello guys!
First of all, I’m lovin’ the game. Hard to master, competitive and fun. You can really see it during those long ass games where the hunters and monster are even in skill.


As I’m waiting for the 4th consecutive time for that 1 minuted queue dodging penalty, I wanted to stress the fact that yes, matchmaking needs to be rethought a bit. I hate playing as the monster, hence he’s always in the 5th position and…

…I never actually played a 4th position slot. It’s basically impossible to get it, while I always get the 5th.

…I joined a game with two missing people and ended up as the monster. Wat.

…Fuck monsters I want to orbital barrage their fat ass.

Am I the only one?


It’s most likely that the other two players were in a party. If you are the only solo person then you get the monster.

@MacMan I’m curious if this changed? I had three games yesterday where a solo person didn’t get the monster, instead it was assigned AI. If this wasn’t intentional I think it would still be a good idea to give players their roll and let the beyond competent AI to be the monster until it finds a player willing to fill the roll.


You never played as your fourth slot? You just found a fix for never playing monster again! Just put it in the fourth slot.


That’s not exactly what he meant I guess, even if he puts monster fourth, if a full team queues in he’ll still get the monster. :confused: