Yet another cheater - with video


I took the advice from the previous premade cheater team I encountered but did not record and started recording.

My second game today, and there we have a rank 37 player who first starts spamming supernova as Wraith every 0.5 second in first game and then starts flying endlessly as Abe in second.


At least some cheaters are dumb as fuck and easy to catch. Sadly, others are smarter.

It seems the higher your rank goes the more cheaters you encounter.

Shouldn’t something like this be relatively easy to discover server side and ban right away, instead of players having to do it?

And to the 4 ‘legit’ players, I look forward to seeing you in game next time and seeing whether you’ll still be traversing terrain faster than a monster when you know you’re being recorded.

Massive Hacker

Alright listen, I’ve been civil and reasonable towards you, but that might just aswell end here.

Last night we played against B1nge (whos also climbing to the top of the leaderboards), and he spanked us twice before we coudl addapt to his strategy.

you’re Not a good goliath, pure and simple, you might be tiny bit above average, but thats it.
and we’ll play you anytime, since we still have nothing to hide - just like last night, so we dont CARE if were being recorded.

you’re so far from good with this games mechanics, especially after your little ‘‘math’’ in the thread you made accusing the four of us of hacking and cheating, since you do NOT KNOW. how to use and manage your jetpack properly if you get the results you got.

It disgusts me how ignorant someone can be, when a team is simply playing the game the way its meant to be played (and still making tons of mistakes and learning from it) you call us hackers, simply because we beat your subpar play.

im out, ill be looking forward to meeting you in que big guy


I got called cheater today by a karken player level 26. As usual I was using ABE and I am a prettt good sharp shooter so everytime I see it i would tag it and then attack with enemies. If I see I would tag it before anything else. So basically the entire match we knew where he was and basically we would get to him in every 30 sec…

  • I had jump perk and jetpack perk…

Also next match to make things worse, we got a PERK that shows location of all animals including the monster upto 40ft… First time seeing that perk!


‘in every 30 sec…’

That’s the difference. It did not take them 30 sec. It took them less than 5 to catch up in every situation.

When I played against them I barely managed to evolve because even though I’d lure them to one end of the map, ran as fast as possible to the other, they’d catch up before evolution even started and take over half my health off while I was evolving. I’m not sure if I even managed to evolve in the second game(Aviary) because they were simply beating Goliath’s speed without cutting me off over the whole map sprint.


I’ve asked B1nge for the replays of our 4 matches yesterday.
prepare yourself for some embarresment, because we did to him what we did to you. and like the games we had with you - we STILL didnt cheat.


Anyone wanna help me out in flagging this guy as spam?


Even though he keeps saying the pre-made was cheating, he’s actually reporting and giving proof of cheaters.


I suppose you’re right


Yeah - I had the same issue with the same guy

There’s being good at the game. There’s being awesome at the game. Then there’s hacking/exploiting whatever you want to call it, and it seems to be a common hack/exploit, where the monster spams abilities with NO cooldown at all. This player needs to be banned


Exactly, thank you. I’ve found so many cheaters in other games and even though often no one believed me, I got the evidence in the end and I was never wrong so far. I was even a mod on a Rust server with over 100 people on at all times just because I helped the admins track down so many other cheaters no one else could prove were cheating. That’s why I’m so pissed now because I was too stupid not to record the second fight after I started suspecting cheating in the first fight. I was afraid to alt-tab to turn on Fraps because the game tends to crash on alt-tabs, and then I’d not go up against them again.


oh snap, the king of leaves posted something! GRAB YOUR TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS PEOPLE!

for refference see


Whilst I do not participate on the PC platform, it’s good to see someone @Awoken is taking the initiative and calling these losers out! If you have to hide your gamer tag then i’m sure they’re up to no good. Well done!


I think you should watch the video first, then decide whether or not a thread is spam. This is a good thread, glad people are getting evidence before calling people out. :smile:


You never call someone out on the forums, ever. It is against the rules and just not in the best interest of anyone. @Awoken your last thread was locked and yet you still continue. Defiantly not in your best interest.

Also, you where told how to report someone the proper way. This as you know is not how you handle what you feel is a situation that you want to be looked into. Contact 2K support and please don’t make another thread.


I am sorry, but we do not allow call-outs on this forum, with or without proof. All cheating/hacking instances need to be reported to 2K, and to TRS, and be sure to give evidence as such when you contact them. This is a very big issue and it will be getting looked in to.

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