Yes, I'm grinding for Elite Slim. Now that that's out of the way, Bug Report Time (plz lock plz)

Blitz Leopards are cool. They’re my favorite wildlife. No matter how many times they piss me off by getting in my way when I’m chasing down a Kraken on Weather Control, I will always love them. However, Blitz Leopards are a highly invasive species.

I have seen many a Blitz Leopard on The Dam, Orbital Drill, and Broken Hill Mine, three maps of which they’re not supposed to spawn on. Usually it’s just corpses, but sometimes they’re alive, as in the case I am about to show you.

This was my first time ever seeing them on Broken Hill Foundry, and it just totally blindsided me.

PS: Yes, I’m aware I ping’d the hell out of it in a solo. I was caught at a moment of weakness.

PSS: InB4 @Donut calls me a pleblord for grinding for an elite.

PSSS: Lol I see youuuuu @SlinkyGuy

Are you perhaps playing with the aggressive wildlife map effect? That seems to mess around with what spawns where.

Yeah, that’s all I can come up with off the top of my head. They’re not natural spawns on that map.

No, you can’t even get aggressive wildlife on any of the maps I listed.

Hmm, interesting. I’d like to see more on this, and figure out why they spawned on this one. I personally love the Blitz Leopards.

He won’t call you a pleb, he’d say trash.

And this is weird. O.o

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Rescue has blitz leopard, venom hound, and reaver spawns on all maps that are not there normally.

It is an effect of the game mode, to help the monster pick off the colonists and slow down the hunters.

Yeah I was watching GoT. . .still! Got four more seasons to get through, but this is irrelevant to the topic at hand!

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Not a bug, You’re in rescue mode… there are special spawn rules for rescue mode.


This answer gave me smiles about evolve. I’ll have to play some evac again soon :slight_smile:

Grinding for elite Slim.
-sits back enjoying elite Slim without doing any grinding thanks to bug-

Nice, I like them to be there.

I was not aware of this.

As requested.