Yellow lines on the progress bar?


So this has been bugging me a while. What are those yellow lines on the progress bar after the game is done and you get a replay of what happened? I’ve thought about a few things it could be but it doesn’t add up. The times the monster was spotted? I don’t know…


I could be wrong about this but I think they indicate when specific actions took place. Like killing Wildlife, eating or something like that.


I think it was when combat was triggered?


That exactly. Isn’t there a ‘Combat Report’ option (can’t remember what it is called but it’s the bottom option to press after a game) that shows you what is happening as the map replay is going on. It’s like the replays on the Evolve: Hunters Quest App.


Well it’s not eating. That’s shown on the map. Could possibly be on triggered combat but I’m not entirely sure.


Those lines tell you that something important happened at that moment (somebody got a buff, monster got darted, domed, somebody got downed/killed etc). If you turn on the Battle Log (or whatever it is called) it will show you what exactly happened.