YAY!. I am a regular. now what?

what are lounge and followed links?

Put the title, go to “preferences” and change it! :smile:

Congrats btw!

thanx. but.
what are lounge and followed links?

Lounge is not available to Regulars, that thing lied to you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh sorry! Hmmm Lounge, I don’t know :sweat_smile:

Followed links, I think is that the links that you post have your username and they’re more trustworthy I think?

Edit: Rose is correct, Lounge is not for you guys :wink:

Rule with an iron fist

All you gotta do is when someones post should be in a different section move it.

Move off topic things to off topic move bugs to the bugs section if it turns out to not be a bug move it to gameplay or suggestions.

Too many of my posts have been reported to become a regular. :frowning:

You’ll always be a Regular in our hearts.


alright well thanks for the info
@MidnightRoses close this for me?.

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