Yay finally got elite monsters

Finally got all monsters elite :smiley: Tongue grab was tough till i started using fissure xD

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pics or didnt happen

Ugh how do i Kraken ;-; i havent even passed 2 stars >:|

Which ones you struggling with? All or just the vortex? :smiley:
I remember he was quite a pain in the rear to Elite :smile:

I’ll have to go take photos on my phone cause it’s on ps4 xD

I only have 2 stars in Lightning strike ;-;
Everything else just irks me.
Almost done with Behemoth tho, and hes one of my favs :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh okay :slight_smile: Lemme know if you need any tips with Kraken :wink:
Bob was easy to Elite once I found the right map and right place :smiley: (Hint: Orbital drill)

Look at this thread of mine if you got any questions not answered yet just ask :smile:

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Defend might be a good mode for kraken to elite on, The first map.


Check here. It has a complete guide to help elite kraken.

Monster and Hunter mastery strategy guides

Hope you enjoy them. ^.^

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I will :smiley: till fifth monster comes out then i got work to do xD

I’m not good at kraken or monsters in general, and this may not be an efficient method:

I find it extremely fun to camp at the drop ship spot first thing in the match, running 3 points in aftershock. You will hit multiple hunters often, do decent damage, and probably lose within 60 seconds lol. I think I have something like a 20% success ratio with this. But it is fun for everybody involved and it does pump up the AS mastery

I love how the pictures get a little closer every time

Behemoth is all like
Hide yo kids hide yo wife

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Haha closer and closer and closer :smiley:

Had to crop them cause it was saying the photos were too big

The monsters were easy compared to slim’s stupid spore cloud masteries. Lol

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L2p nub 2015 yolo swag
In all seriousness though I stopped trying on Kraken :unamused: working on hunters now