Yay, earth will be a part of the galactic federation by 2033

Whaddya all think?

How do you find this stuff??

Magic bruh


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Ahh. Right then.

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Actually it’s because I’m just too bored, that I look for these videos :blush:

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theres no exhaustive explaination in text here.

I’m not staying.


But what about reptiles?

Is that guy asian , or he is just blind / he has his eyes closed?

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Well, crap. Where is my tin foil hat? Wait, I found it!

I’m safe!


Why does he talk like Earth is not his planet and the people in front of him are not literally human, just like him? :neutral_face:

How I wish this could be true… It’s a shame that it’s BS… Though yeah, the probability of us being the only life out there is ludicrous, and there WILL be other intelligent life out there. Whether we find it in my lifetime though, who knows.

@TatlTael I assume he believes (is making others believe) he is implanted with some alien life and they are speaking through him.

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Oh well, I ran out of good ideas already.

My future threads will be just like this ~_~

Aluminum is soo much better.

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What about the Fermi paradox? I like to think that we aren’t the only intelligent life in the universe, but it does make a good point.

This here.

The universe is ridiculously large!

It does not confuse me in anyway that we have not met any life. I read that going at the speed of light it takes over 5 hours to reach Pluto. So about 10 hours to get from one side of our little solar system. And that’s at the speed of light. The distance to places where life could exist is so far away at the speed of light can be so far… I would be surprised if we ever encountered life from the stars, given how enormously vast the universe is.

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Well hey, if the bald guy with his eyes closed says so…

He proclaims to be able to channel an alien known as “Bashar” 500 light years away.

Reminds me of the movie K-Pax

Because he’s Galactoid.