Yahoo article


Yahoo posted an article on evolve.


Or you could pay $100 to immediately have access to 18 hunters, four monsters, and four monster skins.

That’s it. I officially give up on what passes for journalism. It’s one thing to have clueless people posting random BS for free, but someone got paid for this.

Polygon is no better, with a headline yelling “Evolve has more than $130 of content not covered by it’s season pass.” … and then points out that it’s skins.

OOOOooOOOooooh, everyone get up in arms about not being able to tinge Hank’s laser cutter a slightly different colour! THE DEATH OF THE FRIKKIN’ GAMES INDUSTRY IS NIGH!


i wonder how many of them will be fired once someone fact checks them.

inb4 one of the bosses is a gamer and expected an awesome article about evolve and then found that trash LOL

“omg they said that so we should say that too but make it sound much more dire!”

I could be a journalist.