Y u no fight wraith?


to keep things short, im currently lvl 30 and have only level one mastery on wraith. For the past 5 days i have not been able to use the wraith but maybe 3 times. The sad thing is i suck with it and haven’t got my own strat down yet, but yet hunters run and tuck tail seeing a lvl 30 using wraith. why are players scared of a challenge? people wont be satisfied until wraith is totally weak and useless.

im looking for good hunters also,


add me for great hunting!


they just haven’t read my thread lol


You are confusing afraid and bored here.
People are bored of hunting wraiths and preffer to leave the game and seek another whehere the monster player picks a real monster.

Round with a wraith in it is not fun for the hunting team, even when they kill the wraith.


Our team likes to eat Wraiths. They are generally the easiest fights we get of the 3 Monsters outside of fring bad players.


that’s another point i’d like to address. When dealing with right player, it doesn’t matter the monster that is picked. Hunters will get destroyed either way. You have a better chance of killing me as wraith than golaith or kraken.


here aswell…I play generally wraith because I love being stealthy…it’s not like I can’t do it with the other monsters


The problem with wraith is explained in many topics here.
Wraith creates annoying and frustrating experience for the hunting team.
Wraiths are not hard to kill but they are boring as hell to hunt.
Wraith is not overpowered, it is badly designed.


It’s more of a pain to track, chase & trap than the others.

Even when you trap it it cloaks with decoy all the damn time, so you often end each dome with much less battle.

Goliath & Kraken are both more dangerous in a fight generally… It’s just harder to actually fight a Wraith.


As does mine. We bait it, trap it, and then disintegrate it. Unless we are going up against a bad one, then we test other strats.


i feel like im receiving the crap end of the stick in the deal though. Before i could even get good with the wraith, people are already actively protesting it, by quitting.

These actions are making me love the kraken even more. (which will start getting OP chatter pretty soon)

IF wraith is nerfed health-wise , no one will want to be her at all. she is already very easy to kill as is. but i do understand the elusiveness gripes


i gave a group of hunters 5 matches of kraken goliath and hit them with one wraith and went back to goliath.

I actually suck with wraith myself. If i pick super nova is a guaranteed loss for me lol.

I do a triple warp blast into triple abduct sky wraith build. That shit is fun as hell. gotta take stam recharge to stay in sky long as possible.


It’s not her HP or Armor that is the problem. If you put all of your points into Decoy it can 2-3 hit kill Hunters. Many Wraith players spam it and there is no way to stop it, it lasts for 8 seconds even if you shoot it. Either the damage needs to be changed or the Decoy needs to be health based so it goes away after getting shot a bit.


I’d fight wraith all day long if it wasn’t so boring, but I don’t like to spend my free time being bored, have no problems beating it if I’m with my friends with randoms its not even worth playing they are clueless when it comes to wraiths.

But personally if playing with randoms I’d also quit as I don’t lie spending 20 minutes of my free time being bored, thats not my reason for playing games lol


While I don’t agree with the damage Decoy can do, I find it really easy to abuse the Decoy AI. Most of the time you can just waltz right by without ever taking damage from it. I have a couple videos where we chase a runner/dome hider and you can see how Decoy can be pretty useless outside of invis.


Then I wish I had your luck. I could be high above it with my jet pack and it still hits.


You can watch our team against a ‘running & hiding’ wraith in this ESL tournament quarter finals game.

Watch how I just waltz past Decoy with no craps given. This was done on the 15th of feb. This was within 1 week of release, we are a bit better at catching Wraiths btw :slight_smile:


Seriously, why ask? Anyone on this forum knows Wraith hasn’t been fixed yet, so anyone choosing her is basically using a monster they know is unbalanced.

So yeah. It’s not fear, but people don’t really respect people using a character known to be (at least somewhat) broken. We’ve beat her plenty of times, but it’s rarely worth the time and effort with a full competent team. And with a pub team, half of which isn’t communicating, it’s not gonna happen. Why bother?


my reason? i want my progression/ mastery just like everyone else


Bots don’t quit :stuck_out_tongue:


good point.