Y u do dis 2 mi goliath?


With the latest update/patch Goliath, at least on console, has had some dramatic changes that I feel greatly hender his overall power and effectiveness. His inability to do quick damage like before and the inability to be a rather mobile foe has drastically effected overall performance from Goliath. Rock Throw doesn’t do enough damage. Leap Smash doesn’t do enough damage. Fire Breath is the only thing that’s effective and Charge I’d rather not talk about. I’d like to know other peoples opinion on this. Am I completely wrong and suck with Goliath or am I right in saying this?

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Telemetry says that you’re right

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IMO Rock Throw and Leapsmash are pretty good and Firebreath is only useful for downed (PC).


They nerfed leap smash and a lot of goliaths fell apart pre nerf it was nearly undodgeable if your ping was over 50 now it’s super easy to dodge so it’s not nearly as consistent

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No, I think the consensus is that he is indeed garbage at the moment. He’s a monster designed for a game built around burst damage. He’s not very fast aside from when he’s trying to leap away for distance and he gets annihilated by cc and kiting.

All of his moves, with the exception of fire breath, knock the hunters away. This, coupled with the mediocre damage he now possesses, makes it nearly impossible to down someone when you factor in cc, jetpacks, and the fact that he can be kited around a knee high box with ease.

Goliath’s saving grace was his burst damage, just like Kraken’s AS and Wraith’s speed. He’s slow, his moves don’t combo, and just about every hunter comp is effective against him. As it stands, Goliath either needs a complete moveset rework, or he needs his old damage back. Otherwise, he doesn’t have what it takes to stand a chance against the ever increasing amount of hunters and the tactics they use.


So what I’m getting from all is… Goliath is pure shit! :slight_smile:

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Pretty much, unfortunately. I feel like right now, if you pick the Goliath, the other team just laughs their way to victory. That’s how I feel fighting one, anyway


Y u do dis 2 mi goliath?

I haven’t read any of your post yet, I can’t get over this title and am resisting the urge to eradicate it from existence lol

omg I’m such a grammar and spelling

Ok, finally read your post. And you’re not alone. If you want to beat a team, especially any Silver and up ranked Hunters, then you need to master Behemoth or Wraith right now.


I switched over to Behemoth. No more Goliath of any form till they fix him.


The title illustrates my anger and confusio. I use it to be sarcastic.


behemoth is just as bad

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No. Behemoth is only bad as far as kiting, but he’s an instant kill if you get close to him. He has very good area denial and combo power. New behemoth is far from helpless

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behemoth is the weakest monster in the game, easily


Are… are you sure?


I’m sorry, but even a good, coordinated hunter team is pretty much on level with a good Behemoth. People just need to play him right :smile:


Behemoth is really good right now. Especially with all the exploits with animation canceling/skipping.

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There have been a lot of threads concerning this issue, you are not alone. They are tweaking Hunters (like Goliath’s much hated nemesis Jack :rage: ) and buffing Goliath up a bit.

I honestly haven’t been playing for a couple of weeks because I refuse to play Kraken and the other two monsters aren’t really my style. The next patch can’t come soon enough.


I just want to play my Goliath again. :frowning:

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You can play it and you can win its just going to take skill (more than usual but it’s very doable


Well of course, but you’re putting yourself at a severe disadvantage by doing so