Y cant i smell cloaked hunters


Hey i am not sure about this but as the monster i can not smell cloaked hunters is this a bug or game play? because i have lost multiple games to downed hunters being revived by sup cloaking field revive and i can not stop it i literally lose because of it


That is what cloak is meant for. To find cloaked hunters, either you have to guess were they are and attack, use fire breath, or try to smell for their footsteps (which can be difficult sometimes)


Also with Sniff you can see their foot prints. Keep an eye out for their jetpacks lighting up too.


hmmm well i guess it is still almost impossible to see them i wish they would be more highlighted i am referring to the foot prints also cloaking field should not cloak dead/incaped people


The Monster has so many advantages in this area. When a Wraith goes invis there is no way to see them other than shooting them. It only makes sense for a cloaking field to work on incapped and dead hunters.


you smell their footprints and you can always see their jetpack.

if they stand still on the floor you see their red feet.

if they are incapped they dont move. you can still decoy and eat body


He may not main Wraith.


But who am I kidding. He probably does.


other two points still apply

if i make 3 points about monster one of them is gonna be about wraith until behemoth is added


Wait you think there are monster players who don’t main Wraith? :wink:


I main cthul… bog skin Kraken


Some devious support got me by just standing still while I went on waldo smelling frenzy around the block.


If it cloaks the incapped person then you know the support is nearby, just remember where the body is and start smacking. its part of the supports job to misdirect the monster and give his team an advantage.