Xone, pc or ps4

Hey, does anybody know how many people played alpha version on XONE, PC and PS4 ? We know just this:

1,3m games…
But I want to know how many of those games were played on which platforms.

Anyone know ?

I do not know exactly, but i can presume the highest % was on xbox1 ( the less bugged of the alphas ) the second one on PC, and PS4 last due to the delay.

Thanks but anyway I think that most players will play Evolve on PC in the future.

Cool story bro

Why no love for support, easily the funnest class.

Take solace in knowing that though more people chose to be Medic than Support, I’m sure significantly more people tried to force an Assault role through Medic (ultimately failing their team in doing so) than playing Support as he was intended.

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imo Support is that class that players will gravitate towards once they understand the game more. Support was my last class I planned to play during the Alpha because I wanted to understand the other class’ roles before supporting them.

I am personally going to spam support should i get into the competitive side of the game, i feel it impacts the game in more ways than the others.

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Hmm I think it will take five years before the next version Xbox Two and PS5 comes out… :smiley: Then many players will buy new consoles and PC players will still play Evolve on their PC.

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Would you mind not double-posting and using the edit button ? Not trying to force anything on you but it kinda is made for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately I couldn’t get anything to load on the Alpha on PS4 so I could only participate in the Beta :confused: