Xenomorph-themed monsters


I really think trs should make a xeno themed monster because you could sneak around and turn the hunters into the hunted!


I fear a Xenomorph kind of ordeal would really only work in a gamemode where the Hunters spend the majority of the match being the ones who need to flee or hide.

It simply wouldn’t work in Hunt, Arena or Defend.
Nest and Rescue, maybe.


It’s mostly a suggestion than a monster topic


The wraith basically is


Oh yes! I want one so bad.


Yeah every now and then when I look at Wraith I think of a Xenomorph design. Usually with the wallpaper in the loading screen for Defend when it shows all three original Monsters.

Sneaky TRS is sneaky…


so make a new gamemode.


Also it probably would work in hunt


So basically the Wraith, but with copyright infringement and unbalanced gameplay.


A xenomorph (also: allotriomorph) is a mineral that did not develop its otherwise typical external crystal form because of late crystallization between earlier formed crystals. Xenomorphs are typical of matrix minerals in rapidly crystallizing volcanic lavas and shallow igneous intrusions. It is also typical of the interstitial or cementing minerals formed during the diagenesis of sedimentary rocks. The opposite is an idiomorph in which the external form is controlled only by the internal crystal structure.


Well to be fair both Kraken and wraith’s design have very Xenomorphic traits, in the case of the Wraith she has a design that’s like Sil and Eve.
I posted a thread about a month before the game release with the devs (I think it was Phil) talking about how they wanted a baddass female monster like Sil, but the original article has been down.