Xenomorph skin for wraith please


Shes perfect for it and I will pay a lot for it. Get to it TRS. The cosmetic is worth it. I mean just look at the full price of Tf2’s scout xenomorph kit is…buttloads and can only be worn during fullmoon/halloween and bought that too. But I digress. It would be a ridiculously missed oppourtunity to not make a xeno skin for wraith. Perfect body structure and everything. It would be bad ass.

I will literally throw money.


Copyright infringement says no.


Copyright infringement only applies when its exact or near exact, im sure you know this. There is nothing infringing about a skin that has similar properties and there are a thousand and one examples of this in games.


Don’t get me wrong; I’d love to see that skin too, but I doubt they can implement it without getting sued or paying them royalty fees or whatever, which frankly isn’t worth the effort. Also there are a thousand and one examples where it would be cool to see a xenomorph skin in a game yet there isn’t one because of…copyright infringement. TF 2? That was a promotional item for Alien Isolation and I don’t assume you know any details about what kind of deal they struck in order to be able to use the skins, do you?

I’m pretty sure Turtle Rock Studios could come up with something way cooler than the “alien”, anyway.


As soon as you mentioned Xenomorph is when you lost everyone in this post.
You probably shouldn’t have been asking for a “Xenomorph” skin, since that would require a new model and possibly sound changes.

What you should be asking for is a re-colored black skin of the Wraith with maybe some bumpy accents.

While it would be cool, it would make it much harder to see and thus easier as a form of evasion. Wraith already has enough balance issues.


You don’t make an exact copy, but you just make a black glossy skin for it and voila! It’s good enough.


Well that is the point, the recolors as they are aren’t that amazing, this would be a premium skin that would take months to make I’m sure. No reason to not suggest it now. The skin can have a green glow at some parts /trail to help with sight, which glows brighter more armor etc. It wouldn’t be overpowered and wraith is already getting more nerfs due to whine.


I’d like that. Probably even buy it.