Xenomorph kraken?

is it just me or does the body of the kraken look like the xenomopth’s body
I know it sounds weird but when i play as the kraken, I keep thinking of xenomorphs, especially when he’s at stage 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Xenomorph? From what? :hushed:



I always thought the same, especially the back part reminds me a lot of a Xenomorph :smiley:

The alien from Alien :wink:

Oh!!! I didn’t realize they had a name. :smile:
Makes sense though, they named the Facehuggers.

The back does have some things in common with the Xeno now that you mention it.
Although Savage Wraith probably still comes the closest overall.

true, I wish they would just make an all black skin that would glow green, now that would be epic!