XCOM 2 Cowmoonity Custom Character Creation


Hey everyone,

I just started playing XCOM 2 and put up a video showcasing all of the different character customization options within the game at this point in time. If you are interested in creating a character that can be pulled from a random character pool with your own name and details, please follow the link below and fill out the template provided. I will post the template here as well and this might be the easiest way to do so.

Here is a link to the video. (HD should be processed soon as it was recorded in 1080p)


Character Info:
First Name
Last Name
Biography (Optional)

Upper Face Prop
Lower Face Prop
Armor Pattern (Optional)
Weapon Pattern (Optional)
Face Paint
Left Arm Tattoo
Right Arm Tattoo
Tattoo Color

Facial Hair:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Main Armor Color:
Secondary Armor Color:
Weapon Color:
Can Appear as Soldier/VIP/Dark VIP:

Looking forward to seeing what people will come up with. I will be streaming my playthoughs on my twitch channel throughout the next couple weeks as well. Who knows, maybe your character will save humanity :slightly_smiling:

MaddCow’s Twitch Channel


Ooooh I want this game and this is a cool thang you’re doin… Hold on, lemme git somethin close.

EDIT: this is the character I use in monster hunter and I tried to make him look as rediculous a possible.

Can you get it as close to this as possible?


I tried making the Evolve characters but really… no barrette? So Val has a beanie and the Beanie color is the same as the pants :frowning: I hope they fix it up a bit more :slight_smile:


Do you have a preference for voice? I believe I can get some of that. Do you want pink colored outfit as well?


Hehe, this looks like fun. I had plans to watch an Xcom 2 let’s play anyway.

First Name: Mr. (Unless you want an immersive name, in that case “Carlsen”)
Last Name: Talha
Nickname: [Nicknames aren’t fun when you give them to yourself :stuck_out_tongue:]
Biography: (I’m not a writer, so prepare for clices:)
Having spent the last 20 years as an automation technician, he is back fighting for humanity’s freedom.
He was originally one of the soldiers that drew the lucky straw and was supplied as a part of the military assets from the Norwegian military to the first XCOM project, he was forced to traveled home and live under a new identity to avoid prosecution after the fall of the project.
Fast forwarding 20 years when the new XCOM project captured the Avenger and came looking for manpower, Talha was quick to jump on as the feeling of humiliation and desire for revenge had never faded.

Nationality: Norwegian
Gender: Male

Helmet/Hat: None
Arms: 3
Legs: 2
Torso: 0
Upper Face Prop: Hippie Sunglasses
Lower Face Prop: Cigar
Weapon Pattern (Optional): Zebra
Face Paint: None
Left Arm Tattoo: None
Right Arm Tattoo: None
Tattoo Color: None
Scars: Cheek Slash

Face: D
Hair: Simple Short
Facial Hair: Moustache (Ugh, they obviously cut some corner in the Moustache department)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Race: 1
Skin Color: J2
Main Armor Color: 19
Secondary Armor Color: 19
Weapon Color: 19
Voice: American English 6
Attitude: By the book.


I have no preference other than what looks/sounds as silly as possible :stuck_out_tongue:


First Name: Divine
Last Name: Thorn
Nickname: Puff
Nationality: United states
Gender: male

Helmet/Hat: Boonie hat
Upper Face Prop: Aviators
Lower Face Prop: none
Armor Pattern (Optional):Wild
Weapon Pattern (Optional): Tundra
Face Paint:none
Left Arm Tattoo:none
Right Arm Tattoo:none
Tattoo Color:none
Scars: None

Face: A
Hair: Simple short
Facial Hair: none
Hair Color: brown:9
Eye Color: blue: 17
Skin Color: 3
Main Armor Color: 94 black
Secondary Armor Color: 72
Weapon Color: 41
Voice: American English 4
Attitude: happy go lucky


Here is your video. I go through the entire process so feel free to skip to the end if needed.


This is on PS4 right?


This is PC only.


Here is your video. It should finish HD processing shortly.


The game is only on PC? That sucks.


Yeah, I meant 2, as in tanned caucasian. The J is a typo/miss click.
But anyway, awesome! I didn’t expect to get a dedicated video haha.


I figured as much. That being said, lemme know if you want any more changes.


hows your play through going so far? Right now i just met a faceless


Otherwise from the skin color the character turned out exactly like I imagined in my head actually.
Also thanks for clearing up the Biography, I don’t write much and when I do it’s not in English.


I’ve done 2 missions I think? I had a 2 hour early morning meeting so I didn’t want to stay up all night and play. I’ve mostly just been working on the custom characters atm. I should be streaming in a bit though.


I took a few liberties as I only had a picture to work with. Let me know what you think in the end :slight_smile:


cool! i think it is the third mission you met them, i just completed and it character looks good! :smiley:


Glad you like it :slight_smile: