XboxONE users in need of team mates!


As the title says. I am really liking this game, but its just terrible when you get matched with players who don’t communicate/know how to play.

I have a mic and like to play as Support or Trapper. Gamertag is my username, I’m from UK! Cheers all


Im from the uk as well il be on most of the day so add me when you get online gt is lukesamus


i’ll be on later, add me if you get chance cos I will forget :smile:


Add me XxpsychedyuxX. I’m 25 and on the East Coast lol


Add me! Im UK too, L36. Was like no 4 in EU region with cabot last time i checked! Lol.

My gamertag is: Weaponmaster 55

If you are on and want to play send me a message i have smartglass on my phone and can log on no worries if im around. Loving the game. Need more friends that have Evolve though, sick of random pug lottery with hunter teams.


Hey I’d love to join you! I hate random people and am really looking for a core group of players to play with! My gamer tag is same as on here. Add me to friends and let’s play sometime!


Hey add me Cynizt3r i play medic on xbox 1


Me and my best friend play regular, both UK, both 20, neither of us have a role preference!
Add me if you want a few more players-

Evilmilkshake x


Xbox Live message sent.