[XBOXONE]LF serious assault and support main


Hi, we currently have 3 members, a medic, a trapper, and a monster. We need an assault and support to complete the team. we hope to play in esl. Contact me on xbox if you are interested. (XGN CORRUPTED)


im a pretty good support and assault. gamer tag is CrimsonNight646 just send a message and ill get back to you as soon as i can.


oh and im 14 so if thats an issue i understand


I enjoy both of those classes and consider myself to be pretty good.

GT: TheKingTortoise

I can’t play on weekends though


I main support! Love the class!. Not that it matters due to leaderboards being broken but ranked 1 bucket on xbox. I play almost everyday! I can play assault and well all the classes actually but I favor support. GT is Afrogamer23 message me if you’d like to try me out.


I’m currently maining support, but can throw mines down with the best of them. Hmu on xb1, by: CorbinNZ


Main support, backup trapper, good assault.

Gamertag: Blesticles