Xboxone legitimate pro team


We need 2 to 3 members, depending on if we want to roll 5 or 6 man, we would need a sub. I was ranked number 26 on global leaderboards for goliath with a record of 44 wins -0 losses with goliath. I am good with kraken as well and i can play in a group as a preferred support very well. My buddy kiefe was ranked top 250, i dont remember exact stat. Were not amateurs and were not looking for amateurs. Were looking for players who can play in a team who preferrably placed top 500 or higher in global or in your specific category. Kiefe prefers trapper. i can play a good lazaruz or assault as well if not support. Kiefe can also play a good val. We both unlocked all characters in beta including elite skins between us. If you are interested in joining a team with us, heres what you need to do.

  1. Be in the us or canada, unfortunately europe your timezones and ours do not sync well for practice.
  2. Have a mic and be an interesting person to talk to.
  3. Be 15 or older and tell us why you want on the team, talk to us for a while and well decide if we want you on a team with us.
  4. If you cant handle cussing dont bother even signing up because unfortunately for you we can cuss.
  5. You need to preorder or own the game on february 10th NO EXCEPTIONS
  6. You need to send me a message on the XBOX ONE, my gamertag is SNIPERxINBOUND.

If you see for example that there are 20 people wanting to join, dont give up. If we get more than 4 requests to join well have tryouts and see how good you are. Best players make the cut. If your good but not pro, ill friend you. I could always use more friends to play evolve with.


I would look to join but UK! Anyway if I see your GT I’ll know good player :smile:


Out of curiosity around what time would you be playing because i believe its around 8 hours. If you were able to get on its different?


It’s a big difference, I play with some US people sometimes, but I couldn’t make all your matches unfortunately.


Alright well nice talking to you, hope you have better look, man i hate timezone differences…


The topic you should use is


Is there a resaon i cant do it in this category made for this purpose? No


So you think the leader boards were indicative of skill? That’s laughable. The only thing they actually determined was time played


Actually i can tell you they did not. They went by how many wins you had. Everp player in top 100 was flawless give or take with anywhere from 40 to 100 wins. If you think that isuck get my gtag and let me dominate you


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