XboxAchievements Interview with Phil Robb!


Nice interview with the big cheese here (or should I say big @SlabOMeat!):

I think there’s a bit more information about progression here and more about perks, like having to unlock perks with certain characters which you can use on any other Hunter and/or Monster! And still rocking the beard I see! :thumbsup:


Ya, they are holding a No-Shave 'til Launch thing in the studio lol


I feel like @SlabOMeat has a thing for British accents? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh I knew that, buddy! I’m just saying it looks BA, is all! :wink:


Excellent post with a lot to digest:

I especially like the unlocking of perks/additional characters information. It’s a pretty clever way to encourage the achievement hunters and improve general gameplay mechanics.

A question though, how long do you suspect it’ll take to unlock a Tier 2 character through such leveling?

As for the rest, I’m really impressed with how different each match of this game seems from the last. Just suggests an endless amount of replayability.


I hope that there is some sort of skill system involved, like similar to a Halo 3 ranking system. Where winning games greatly increases the speed of ranking up