xbox1 tourny. no ps4... what


This pisses me off. First of all, i want to say i am the captain of the 1st ranked MLG team for ps4 last season, and currently this season The following is a rant that ps4 players have almost daily, so i can safely say i speak on behalf of the ps4 community. its retarded theres never ever tournaments for ps4, and that needs to be fixed. There are a lot of teams and many players for ps4 just look on mlg website**, plus the fact there over 2x more ps4’s sold than xbox1s, theres potential for way more teams than xbox1. There would be a skyrocket in the amount of ps4 teams AND players if ps4 players knew that we had just as much ability to get into legit tournaments like xbox1 can**. The popularity in evolve for ps4 will never grow if there arent competitive tournaments for them. You can argue that “oh well xbox gamers are more competitive then ps4 players”. Maybe right now there is, idk, for EVOLVE specifically, because xbox1 players have more opportunity on the competitive scene.

I GUARENTEE that if there were just as many competitive ps4 tournaments available like this one advertised, this game ill become more popular overall , on all platforms. So, why not, what is it going to hurt. Right now the MLG website is the only form of “competitive evolve ps4”. Ive talked to so many people and so many teams on ps4 that share the same concerns. We are getting so desperate to keep the evolve community stable for ps4 that I personally know a number of people that are starting to stream their gameplay and focus commentary on why this game is badass and what makes this game one of a kind, amazing, and that they should go buy it if they dont already.

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