Xbox1 solid Hunter looking for people to play with


Gt same as username. I can interchange between all 4 hunters. Almost have my first elite (Lazarus only few headshots away) looking for people who have mics and want to play. Tired of joining ransoms who don’t play their class.


I can add you. I’m mostly a monster player. I am top 100 Kraken, although I was top 50 before Behemoth came out, top 50 Behemoth, and I’m going to be working on Wraith this weekend. I didn’t want to play her for the first 2 and a half months because I felt like a scumbag for doing so.

I have Lazarus Elite, Caira Elite, Val Elite, and Crow Elite. Markov and Hyde are on tier 3 along with Maggie and Griffon.


looking for two more members to join our tournament team if your interested. Our team name is Danger Zone. just send me a message for more info.


xbox GT: ArcticStorm321 send me a message and i also participated in the tournament last week sunday against evolvehype and revolution


whats your gt? i’d like to see how good you are as kraken


XBL GT: Only 5 HP Left

I don’t participate in any tournaments due to me being at College right now, but I still play a lot and love a good challenge.