XBOX1 LFG need 2 more guys British timezone


Exactly what it says in the title, we are looking for some dedicated players who will be online during the times we are playing, players must meet this criteria…

*Mature players (not looking for any screaming kids, that is also directed to parents who have screaming kids)

*Must use a mic (we are looking for co-op play not anti-social types thanks and for the love of all things spicy, no players with loud background noises such as TV, radio, music or sounds that come from anyone of your orifices)

*Roles available are soldier and Trapper, this is subject to change, although we will be chopping and changing as we go along but for the time being this is how its going to be.

*Last but not least positive attitudes (just because we loose its not the end of the world)

If you meet this criteria please submit your gamertag to me and you will be put through a trial run.

Good Hunting


I’m in the same time zone and meet all of the criteria, ill happily play any class, I just want a group that will work together, doesn’t need to be a highly competitive either.
GT is Ez Muu.


Check and create your game here:

In time you´ll find others on a couple of minutes,


This, as well as these two:


Level 31 Assault based hunter, I prefer Parnell and have got him to Elite mastery, I’m British, have a mic and online quite frequently. Gametag is R3apeRZ1 would love to be in a good hunter team that knows what their doing but obviously if the slot is taken just add me incase you need an assault some time.


GT Blazinhaydn
I’ll be on. Only on evenings / weekends unless I’m at football :smile:
as long as I don’t have to use a bloody sniper rifle I’m a happy man.


Thank you for your reply, I have submitted messages on xbox live to all who posted so far, now this dose not mean we are not still looking to recruit, far from it as I said this is purely a trial run so we are looking for the best, ideal fit, if you think you match the criteria please do not be discouraged, put your name forward and as always…

Good Hunting