Xbox1 evolve skin?


So I’m thinking there will be an xbox evolve skin…and if there is not welll sadface.


I would absolutely buy it!


what do you mean about that?

I think every Pre-Orders no matter what platform, you will het the monster expansion pack


yeah and how about we make the hunt mode ps3 exclusive and you can only play as makarov in the pc version sounds awesome


That was not nice of you. Even if someone asks strange questions, then you should not comment childish back.
Remember that most forum rules not tolerate harsh language and may end with 24 hour banned or IP banned, and I’m sure Turtle Rock Studio Forum Rules.


Skins for the console by the way…NOT the monster…
I guess the wording is there but the intended message was missed, sorry guys!


nevermind my post then


I see so you mean you want a Evolve themed Xbox one skin like those stickers or the actual themed frames. It did seem like you meant you wanted a special skin for monster


you mean like the xbox 360 slim whit gears of war 3 as the them of the consel


Yes… thats the one.


That would be awesome if there was a Xbox One skin exclusive, I hope to see something of this nature.


Savage goliath guys or girl’s


I think you’re getting it all wrong. What if there was…an Xbox-themed Evolve skin…


like ben ten alien !!!


Wouldn’t it be even better if their weren’t any exclusive things for anyone and everyone gets the same things?


You have a point. Although personally, I wouldn’t mind if Xbox One players were able to have an Evolve skin because it would be purely cosmetic.