Xbox1 Arcade Stick/Wireless headset suggestions


Was gonna purchase a wireless headset since i’m getting a fightstick soon and don’t want use kinect or extra controller thing but i wasn’t sure if the 500 model was worth the extra $80. i’m currently using the basic xbox one headset. Would like to hear why i should purchase one over the other. Also be interested in fightstick suggestions.

Edit: After @Shunty 's post and @deanimate 's i changed name to get feedback on both. Also to widen my search of headsets away from strictly turtle beaches.
my budget is under $250 USD


I don’t know much about those headsets, but if you have the money I suggest picking up the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrums. They’re the best headset I’ve ever owned.


He’s asking which one of these to buy or not.


Which fightstick are you getting?


Lol that’s another thing i’m deciding i wanted the ki one but i can’t find any new ones so maybe the Hori. It’ll be my first fightstick so i’m clueless on that one as well


I understand that, the reasoning behind me saying this.


I had both of them, I didn’t like either of them, and they broke in 2 months lol

I didn’t do anything wrong, the plastic straps just… Snapped.


I’d avoid the 420s. The material they’re made from isn’t very reliable and the pitch frequencies they detect aren’t the best. Only having 35ohms is borderline nowadays. The decibel rating isn’t very good either, only being sensitive up to 100.


Understood the first sentence. Rest went over my head.


I have owned my turtlebeach xp 510’s for around 3 years now. They work great for me. Can’t compare them to the others tho. Never had 'em.


I’m a huge fan of my ASTROGaming A50 Wireless Headset. I have had the first gen for about two years and I have never had any problems with them. The newer generations integrate better with the newer consoles (my in-box literature was obsolete and geared towards the last gen consoles). They come with a mixer and have variable preset sound settings for Chat, Average, and Hardcore-hear-like-Daredevil gaming mode. You can manually augment your volume using a wheel, and your mixer by touching the sides of your earcover. It’s a great buy if you’re willing to spend big on great sound quality that will last.


Yeah the price is what deters me from getting it. As of right now i can’t afford a 300 dollar headset


What about the Artemis Spectrums?


The artemis looked great it looked like it offered close to what the 500 but cheaper. i didn’t get to check out the exact details yet.


I can go over them if you like.


That would be awesome. Used up all phone data so browsers load slow


A50s first:

  • They are more expensive than the Spectrums.
  • They don’t come with a customizable software and imprinting that allows you to do certain audio setups and files that can be switched on the fly.
  • They’re more comfortable than the Spectrums due to them being lighter. They are also a lot more customizable.
  • They have a frequency range of 10hz to 22Ghz.
  • Decibel range goes up to 105
  • Dolby DTS 7.1 surround sound audio is directly implemented into the headset.
  • The material it’s made of is reliable, but not %100 ideal for audio, even though it is really good.
  • Ohm frequency and rate is 35 which is really good.
  • Mic quality is amazing.


  • As stated above, they do have a lot more customization when it comes to actually audio. The Gkey system is amazing and allows you to save 3 different presets to the headset that you can change on the fly by a simple button press.
  • They can be used as headphones as well, coming with a 3mm laced audio cable that produces insanely high sound quality.
  • They have a frequency range of 5hz to 25ghz.
  • Decibel range goes up to 107.
  • Dolby DTS 7.1 surround sound is built into this headset.
  • The material it’s made of is better for audio, but comes at the cost of being heavier.
  • Ohm frequency and rate is 35.
  • Mic quality is amazing, but not as good as the A50s.


Is a wider frequency range better or worse?


Better. Allows you to pick up a lot more sounds.


Could you please give us all your budget for the new headset? It might help us narrow down our suggestions to more helpful options.