Xbox Team to Cast!


Hello hunters!

I run a Youtube channel in which I commentate Evolve matches:

An Xbox One monster player is keen to play a match with commentary. As I only have a PC, this will be achieved by him streaming to Twitch, me screen capturing his Twitch stream, then me commentating over it then uploading to Youtube (so no Observer mode for Xbox footage at this time).

He is available to play as of tomorrow. Here is his Twitch:

This is a great opportunity as gameplay footage provides means to analyse your team’s tactics, surpassing what can be achieved by simply watching gameplay from a hunter’s perspective. You will have the opportunity to see what your team did right and where your team went wrong, as well as hear a fresh perspective in the commentary. Not to mention the epic moments displayed for the world to see!

Interested teams, please let me know either by PM or posting in this thread (or both), and we will schedule something!

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Id love to hop in on that shit but my net is garbo so id be wingin it every time



You can still participate by watching the stream…

Maybe not the best idea but you might learn something (such as that I might suck ass as a Monster player but who knows).



Yea but I’d love to be IN IT thatd be cool



Looks cool I’ll be sure to check it out



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Well I’m up and about and ready to do some random things and stuffz.

If anyone is interested just go to the stream linked in the OP and write in the chat or send me a message via SeXbox.

I’ll try to check on both as I do stuff.