Xbox store problem


I used a code form Evolve to download it from Xbox store but when my download was ready it said that i can be played first on Oct 30 so I was wating for the date and now its the Time where i should play but i cant it still says that it can be played on Oct 30


Servers are not up yet, in 7 hours i think they will be. not sure check the times they posted :slight_smile:


Thanks but will be there any difference between the time it starts in Europa and Amerika ?


Nope :confused: they start in the morning so for us it’s in the afternoon and it ends like really late for us ( 5 in the morning ).


Thanks u save my life :smiley:


all the info you need and found this:

When does the Evolve Big Alpha go live?

Xbox One: Thursday, Oct. 30 at 9am PDT / 4pm UTC


do you have a code ?


Yes, got several codes for PC :slight_smile:


If you have MORE codes you can post them here


Had only one but gave it to my friend but maybe i get another one so im gonna post them