Xbox share dlc?


I haven’t bought the season pass thing because I only play medic, me and my wife have our Xbox’s linked so we can download the same things and only purchase them once. Those who know what o mean , if I purchase slim on mine will she get it too ? Not sure how it works with intake stores


currently there is a bug with the dlc not working on XB1 so you may want to hold off a bit but yeah what youre trying to do should still work


As I understand it, it’s NOT a bug. 2k made the deliberate choice to disable DLC sharing with local accounts. Only one other title on PS4 has ever bothered to take advantage of this “feature”, as far as I’m aware. And it’s developer is currently negotiating with their publisher to get that changed.

I believe TRS is currently discussing this with 2k. SlabOMeat noted in another topic they were not aware that this is how the DLC was being handled, and it sounded like he was under the assumption this was a mistake or miscommunication between developer and publisher.


My DLC is shared on another xbox in my house. No issues at all.