Xbox players post here letting us know when you have access


Title says it all, the hype is real :DD


Will everyone have access to the hunters in 5 minutes or only the season pass holders? I only want Torvald.


I think it’s just for season pass holders. Tomorrow is when you should be able to buy them seperate. I could be wrong.


Aw, poo…




I have access!!

Jk… I so sad ;-;


LMAO, made me turn my xbox on :stuck_out_tongue:


I preordered but I still don’t have him… Odd.


I will know soon!!.. In four hours when I’m off work :’(


All hope is lost :frowning: it didn’t work


Was supposed to be unlocking right now for xbone isn’t it?


Got Torvald!!!


GOT IT! ILLUM1N3D if anyone cares… (my gamertag)


Yea, but it hasn’t. I’m on right now


ALL new content is in the store!!! REDOWNLOAD THE SEASON PASS


Four minutes ago to be exact.


So it is or isn’t working ppl I’m getting mixed responses lol




all the content is there for me. restarted my xbone at 8:04pm my time.

happy playing, everyone!

EDIT: i had to go into ‘manage season pass’ on my HD to manually install everything. it’s not just all already in the game. EXCEPT FOR THE BEHEMOTH - i had to go into the in-game store and select him. then i was prompted to install.


I had to go to Evolve, Manage Game, and then slide over and select Install All. Behemoth & the hunters were all there waiting for me. :smiley: