Xbox Players Playing the Stage 2 PC Beta



I will be playing Stage 2 on PC, or at least will try. I thought it’d be cool if I could find some Xbox players doing the same to play with, since we’ll have something in common, and if all goes well, can keep playing together on Xbox once everyone get’s to play.

Add me on steam:

Anyone from Xbox, or anyone willing to play with console plebs (/s) can add their Steam ID below.

See you there!


You’re free to hit me up if you so wish, even tho I’m not an Xbone player.


Invite sent.

Haven’t played on XB in like a month now.


can’t add you yet =P


added :sunny:


TheLittleJay’. Once an Xbox player, always an Xbox player…but I don’t think I’ll be able to resist the lure of the PC beta.


Guys, plug in your XboX controller if you think you have troubles with mouse and keyboard


I’m getting an error…


Add me I play on both El_BeastroWW


I’ll begin to play sometime today, I’ll request you as a friend.

Fair warning I’m not that good as a hunter, but decent as a monster


Weird. I don’t know what’s wrong.


Got it. :thumbsup:


Currently downloading on my potato computer. Not sure if I’ll be able to play it but I’ll be getting a more capable pc soonish.

Edit: Aaand potato PC can’t run evolve. :’(


I’m playing now on my work computer!! :scream:


Glorious, right?


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Sooo good! Playing as monster is so smooth