Xbox one U.K player LF Players


As the title states,
I’m just looking for more people (that will use the mic) with a similar time zone to group up with.
I don’t mind playing any class but I prefer Medic>Support>Assault>Trapper.
Add my GT: Ez Muu, If you`re up for grouping up.


I don’t mind playing with new players, I need a team or something haha! Game tag is as same as my user on this I think! I have elite Gorgon, elite Goliath, elite Markov, elite Hyde, elite Bucket, elite Griffin, and elite Maggie so I guess there my best players! I’m almost at elite Val but I need help so if any of you know how to play her help me out haha!



Just a slight rez


What does rez mean? :smiley:


It’s supposed to be like Lazarus’ glove

You “resurrected” a “dead” thread because it’s had no activity for ages


Ah haha! Well I only just signed up to the site didn’t realise there was forums and things around haha! I’m sure it said someone posted like less than an hour ago so I commented haha! I have a kitten called Lazarus, so dedicated to this game!

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Well in that case, welcome to the forums! :smile:


Thanks haha!

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No problem, always nice to see new people joining the forums :yum:

Also, you could read through this (it’s lengthy) to help you get a better understanding of how to do things on the forums etc.


I’ll take a look of that now, thank you! I thought I’d give Evolve a Google search because I like finding out the history of characters and things and came across the site! :smile:

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