(Xbox One) Team Vanquish looking for Medic and Monster


We are a new team. 2 of our players were on Aint Got Time To Bleed and we had good success in ESL tournaments. Our old team has disbanded and I am making a new team (Vanquish). Currently we already have our Assault, Support, and Trapper. We need a highly competitive Medic and Monster (preferably if you live in the US).

We are very serious about the game so you need to be also. We practice during the weeks and play ESL on the weekends. Message me my GT: NoZtiKZz I will be on all day today and would love to try out people for Medic and Monster.


I’m a competitive PC monster player with tons of experience from scrims and tournies and looking to maybe pick up an xbone and practice my ass of with a controller and play in the proving grounds tourney.

Would you be able to send a video of you guys playing? No offense but I only want to invest and compete if I know I have a good hunter team that can help make it far. The only problem is I wouldn’t be able to make it tomorrow.


Hey man I’m interested in joining, I main Trapper but am a very well medic (Caira main,Val sub,Laz situational). I haven’t participated in any tournies but I’d like to start playing competitive because playing pubs just isn’t a challenge most of the time. If you’re still looking for players I’m down for a tryout and I do live in the U.S so no need to worry about connection issues. I’ll message but just in case my GT is Ilikeconverse


could I try out for your guys monster? Xbone GT aggrodragon lvl 40 EST timezone


Yeah I will hit you up


Sorry for the late reply but we found a medic, but if we have any problems ill hit you up