Xbox One Team/Player Finder////Tournament


Evolve Xbox one finder
Here you will hopefully be able to interact with new players or experienced and possibly create a good evolve
team and build strategies
I need a team for a tournament Hosted by: MarineSon2
which will take place next Sunday 15/02/2015
Reply here or message me on Xbox
Gt: KillerAssasin84
Only one s on second set
Everything you need to know about the tournament will be here


Can I have the host details please, rules, group website etc…


Yo, mod is probably going to close this and recommend you to another thread already for this purpose. They are trying to keep the forum clean from duplicate threads for the upcoming release so it can be beneficial for everyone. You seem eager though lol and posted in about ten different threads in the last two minutes. Hit my up if you see me playing it and Ill join you. I was good in the beta at monster and medic and pretty good at evrything else. Gamertag is Myala.


Thanks ill probably take it down myself
And yea lol i just signed up
evolve is my favorite game since i played beta


Everything should be here


Im looking to play competitive with this game, im a decent trapper or medic but can play any role really. Not to experienced with monster. Do we just sign up to this website?


gotta organize a team first
hit me up on xbox


yea dude, my gt is CowGoMoo x I’m in the UK so I’m about 29 hours away from release now :slight_smile:


Im so pumped for this


If you’re done with this, try tagging a Mod- @SlinkyGuy- like so, to help out. Welcome to the forums, and Happy Hunting!


@SlinkyGuy take it down please


And done! :slight_smile: