Xbox one streaming twitch lag

I’m having troubles streaming twitch on xbox one. my internet connection is top of the line.
I’ve tried broadcasting on all qualities and suggesting new ones still didn’t work. My up speed is only 1mbs which i believe is the problem but don’t know how to better it i’ve tried having the xbone as the only connection with no change.
I can stream netflix on my laptop and ps3 while gaming online w/o any problems(i don’t try that while attempting twitch obviously) any help greqtly appreciated thank you


Streaming movies and downloading has nothing to do with streaming.

Streaming requires Upload Speed.I have 2MB upload and i can’t stream Evolve with better than 480p quality.

So no.With 1 MB upload speed you will never be able to stream no matter what you fix

I make it work but I’m on pc ;o

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Moved it to offtopic as I am assuming this is not an Evolve spesefic problem as it’s your upload speed is too low.


1MB and u are able to stream?How?

Less than it- and because OBS lets me tweak settings. I still have freezes but it allows me to stream to an extent xD

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with OBS i tried 720p and it was doing some freezes and lagging.Very little bit but it was there.

Now if you have lower than 1MB i can’t believe u can actually stream :stuck_out_tongue:

Any VODS i can see?

What’s the reason for such a small upload speed though?

One of me whining about a hacker but meh. I still need to sort it all out but I think if I lower the max bitrate I can totally get it to work!

Depends on where you live tbh.

Like if you live in Sweden you can have a great Internet.Here in Greece the maximum i can have is 50-download and 5 upload.

But another example is exactly where you live.If i live in a village or a small town, the good Internet Connections can’t reach there so you have to settle with the old ones.

So basically even if Sweden has the best internet, if you live in a tiny town or a village where the good cables-Internet can’t reach, you will have to settle with the older ones.

:sob: I need to upgrade

Wait, you are from Sweden?

england but I moved over here

Sweden might be the top of Europe about Internet.I know that because i’m watching a Swedish streamer.

Speeds like 100 download and 100 upload.

You really should upgrade.Living in Sweden and having bad internet makes no sense :slight_smile:

PS.I also don’t think its so expensive for Swedish standards

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Eh, we just aint upgraded to fibers yet- financially we’re a bit behind.

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In relation to Microsoft or ISP? when you’re talking about location

What do you mean by that?

When i’m saying location i’m saying about where your house is and what kind of cables run to your house.


Here our Internet provider is called OTE.

Now OTE has cables everywhere in Greece which was providing us with Internet and telephone for so long.Then the VDSL came which was faster Internet.But it needed new cables.Needing new cables mean they need to pay lots of money to dig the street to pass those new cables.But they couldn’t pass those new cables in EVERY town and EVERY village.So they simply put those cables 500m in a circle around their structure.If someone is living 500m away from their building the VDSL speeds can’t reach there so you have to settle with the old cables,meaning old Internet.

That’s how it works :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me when one of my friends was about to get NBN (Australian Fiber Internet), then Tony Abbott came into office.

yeah see It was bothering me because my upload speed on my laptop is 12 Mbps and then only 2Mbps on my xbox

then something is wrong.

Is the xbox wireless internet?Have you tried with a cable and then check the speed?