Xbox one sound cuts out

I’m still having the problem of randomly when playing Evolve (and this only happens with evolve) that my sound completely cuts out and can’t hear anything.

The only way to fix this problem is to completely shut down the Xbox One and restart it or to toggle all the sound settings to bitstream out and then back to what they were originally on which is stereo for me. Either one is only a temporary fix and I can usually only get in a couple games before it does it again.

I have had this same problem all throughout alpha and beta but it seems to have gotten worse in release. I really love this game and want to keep playing it but I can’t feel that I can actually play a multiplayer game anymore because losing sound in this game in very debilitating to the gameplay and unlike in solo you can’t just pause the game to fix it in multiplayer so you have to wait till the match is finished which completely ruins the game.

I’m running into the exact same problem. Sound will periodically drop out while playing. I can get the sound back if I switch my input over to a different device and then switch back to the Xbox One. It appears that this is only happening while in an actual game. This issue is only happening in Evolve. Does anyone have any insight into the issue.

Sorry for your trouble but I’m glad to see I’m at least not the only one with this specific problem lol

Bump because still after the recent patch I’m still having my sound completely cut out after only a game or two.

I had a problem like this with other games. Turned out it was pixel depth in thes system settings (I think thats what its called, not at the xbox right now). Try lower that to 30 or 24.

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Its currently set at 24 for me but I’ll try messing with that and let you know

Well at first I thought it was working was able to get through about 4 games but it still happened :confused: thanks for the suggestion at least though