Xbox One, shadows on screen


A few times a match has started or I take over a bot there will be shadows of the maps environment as I run or stay still on the map. It continues through the match. New match starts and the shadows stalk me still. Has anyone seen this as the play ? PSN and or PC? If so please comment here and what platform you game on. Thanks.


Yeah happens to a lot of people I am on the xbox one happens all the time to me. I think TRS as it on the bug list topic.

Edit: I just went to look at the topic of known bugs and it does not appear to be on there.


I’ve experienced this issue, and so have other people I play with. I’m not sure if it’s confined to just one map, and it has occurred from the start of a match as opposed to the OP’s issue where it occurs after taking control of a bit, with everyone in my game experiencing it simultaneously.