XBOX ONE shadow / lighting bug


In several maps (Xbox one) there is a really bad shadow / lighting bug where you can see the outline of buildings, mountains or other map features through rocks, walls, the ground or other buildings. Not only does it look terrible it makes it difficult sometimes when your in combat. I never ran into this issue in beta so I am not sure why it’s popping up now.

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Same problem here i have done a fresh install and that did not help either


on xbox one when i play hunter the shadows for inanimate objects start to glitch out and surround the object instead of being a normal shadow.


I’ve had this a few times too. It’s REALLY bad as it stays there the whole game and is seriously distracting.

I also never saw this in the alpha/beta on XB1.


Chiming in here, I sent a PM to Macman about this very annoying glitch earlier. Played 35 hours of the beta and it definitely wasn’t in there. Pops up about a third of the time for my games, and it’s distracting as hell especially when you are trying to spot a monster in the distance.

Any word from the higher ups at TRS?


Encountering this bug too ;(


Same here!


Only had it happen once (On Aviary, in a Solo game in Hunt mode, if that’s useful data). It’s certainly distracting when it crops up…


same and 1 time when it happened as I joined a match in progress as assault the monster was invisible…

I dare anyone to try to hunt down an invisible kraken while its flying around
luckily when it staged up I could see it normally again


do we have any confirmation that this bug is being looked at by the developers?


I believe that this has been acknowledged by the devs, can’t remember where I saw it though. Maybe @Evolve on Twitter?


This has not happened to me yet but I will keep an eye out.


All of my buddies that have played Evolve with me thus far have experienced the shadow/lighting bug. I hope TRS fixes it on the next update along with 2K’s server issue resetting people’s levels & progress.


I have had this lighting/shadow glitch happen to me a couple of time. Mainly it occurs on Aviary about 4/5 times I’m on the map…it also happened on another map but I can’t remember which one because it only happened once but I know it was an acid map.


I have the exact same problem :support: :frowning:


Ouch, have a screenshot by chance? I was going to buy the Xbone version for my wife but stuff like this make me nervous to buy another copy.


I have experienced this several times. Mostly on the acid map with all the pipes.

If you want to know what it looks like I have made several clips that can be viewed on my XB1 profile Kill Kayt.


Adding my name to the list. It happened on Aviary. Pretty annoying.


Just saw this problem mentioned by @macman in another thread.

So hopefully this problem will be solved shortly.


Yup lol 10char