Xbox One Season 2 Pass

I have some more Xbox One Season 2 Passes to giveaway, and have already given one away here.

So let’s do another one shall we?!

This time…simply reply here and at 8pm est I will randomly select 1 winner from the replies using a number generator.

It’s that simple…yaaaay!


Hello! :smile:
(I’m poor, don’t judge me)

Since I am currently not at home to buy it, I will throw my hat in.

My reply :octopus:

Throwing my name in.

This would make my day

If I win I’m going to give it to a homeless man

Sign me up

I am replying for my buddy that plays Evolve with me. :smile:

Can I has evolve pass?

This is my reply/entry. Thanks for doing this KabukiTV!

Replying for my brother, he’s an XB1 player :smiley:

I’d be ok with winning this…

Awesome. Just in case I win, thank you!

I vow to make a special video and dedicate to you using Lennox on my youtube Here

Should you decide to bestow me with a Code.

Thanks in advance.

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Entering for a buddy of mine who won’t buy it himself :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t lucky the first time so here’s to a second chance at redemption☺

im down to it

Fingers crossed!

Congrats to winner #7@blacklax10

I will DM you the code shortly!